Child Gender Calculation

Calculating the gender of the baby is not so easy if you want to get the most accurate result. There are many methods of gender determination, but there are a few that are widely used. We are all of the opinion that the important thing is that the child is healthy, and what gender it will have is not important. It is an absolute truth that the primary priority is the child’s health. But if the calculation of the child’s gender cannot affect the child’s health in any way and there is a clear desire or orientation regarding having a child of what gender, then why not take advantage of that opportunity?

A child is a gift from God. For this reason, the phrase “calculating the sex of a child” may cause conflicting feelings for some. Let’s try to approach the question a little logically. If we say that a child is a gift from God, then we can claim that a person, his desires, and approaches are largely also a gift from God. In addition, a person is given the opportunity of free choice and a person chooses how to live, of course, not forgetting about the highest human values.

As we mentioned, there are many methods of gender calculation, but in this article, we will give one example of those methods, and if you want to have a more accurate calculation, then you can use the phone number mentioned at the end of the article.

The most popular method of calculating the sex of a child is predetermining the sex by calculating the activity of the blood of a man and a woman (at the time of conception). It is known that in a man, the blood is renewed and activated every 3 years, and in a woman, it happens every 4 years, but in a woman, blood renewal also happens through menstruation, every month. Since blood refreshes in couples at different times, the more energetic periods of both blood should be calculated and compared.

As a general rule, when the blood of a man is energetic, the child is more likely to be a boy, and when the blood of a woman is energetic, couples are likely to have a girl. To make everything clearer and understandable, it is more convenient to consider a specific example. For example, a man was born on April 5, 1984, and a woman was born on May 20, 1988. They are expecting a baby in 2015. We will calculate the period from 2014 to 2017.

Since a man’s blood was renewed every 3 years, then on April 5, 2014, it will be in the most active state (2014-1984=30 30/3=10 if divided without a remainder, it is clear that that year is the year of maximum blood activity). And the woman’s blood will be 50% active on May 20, 2014 (2014-1988=26 26/4=6+2 remainder, that is, the woman’s blood will be maximally active after 2 years). Let’s draw a graph where the blood activity of a woman is indicated by dotted lines, and that of a man by a solid line.

From the following chart, it becomes clear that during 2015, if there is a conception, there is a high probability that the couple will have a boy. And after May 20, 2016, the probability of having a girl is high.

Diet and the correct calculation of lunar days are also important for determining the gender of the child. If you want to get acquainted with the calculation of the sex of the child by all three methods, you can call this phone number: 091 420127